Modern Dentistry by Daniel C. Croner D.D.S.
Modern Dentistry by Daniel C. Croner D.D.S.

Dr. Croner has over 30 years of dental practice experience, coupled with the latest in dental diagnosis and treatments assures you of personalized care of the highest quality. This care is made possible by making you a part of our health management team directed by Dr. Croner.

Listening to your dental wants and desires coupled with a thorough diagnosis and explanation of treatment options allows you to choose the direction of treatment that is best for you.

In addition to Dr. Croner’s personal knowledge and skills, he employs the skills and knowledge of area specialists in surgery, prosthetics, medicine, and chiropractic. These specialists include oral surgeons, periodontists, orthodontists, pedodontists (child dentist), endodontist (root canal specialist), TMJ specialists, physicians, osteopaths, chiropractors, ENT specialists, and others as needed.

If the skills of these specialists are indicated, they can be employed under the personalized management of Dr. Croner.

Dr. Croner realizes that dental health care can be complicated and confusing especially when you are receiving additional care from a specialist. This is why, having Dr. Croner as your dental health manager, is vital to receiving the care that you want.

Listed below is the system our office uses to become your dental health manager:

  • We listen to your wants and concerns
  • We thoroughly diagnosis your condition
  • We explain to you your treatment options and help you select the course of treatment that you feel is best for you.
  • We will supervise the course of treatment you select, including all treatment provided by our office and any treatment you receive by any specialists to whom you have been referred.
  • If you have dental insurance we will help you understand it and aid you in receiving your insurance benefits.
  • We will introduce you to our many methods of easy payment.

We look forward to meeting you as a patient. Below is a general list of dental services we provide:

  1. Diagnostic: Examination & x-rays
  2. Preventive: Teeth cleaning, fluoride treatments, and home care counseling
  3. Gum disease treatment: Gingivitis and periodontitis treatment
  4. Tooth restorations: Fillings & crowns
  5. Prosthetics: Bridges, complete dentures, removable partial dentures and implant restorations.
  6. Emergency Care
  7. Root canal treatment
  8. Extractions
  9. TMJ treatment
  10. Orthodontics (braces)
  11. Child’s dentistry
  12. Nitrous Oxide/ relaxation gas
  13. Second opinions
  14. Free infant exam: Age 12 to 18 months
  15. Cosmetic: Tooth whitening, tooth colored fillings