Modern Dentistry by Daniel C. Croner D.D.S.
Modern Dentistry by Daniel C. Croner D.D.S.

What is Direct Reimbursement?

Direct Reimbursement is a self-funded program that reimburses an individual based on a percentage of dollars spent for dental care, not on the type of treatment provided; it also allows patients to seek treatment from the dentists of their choice.

Direct Reimbursement is a straight-forward accounting process: Once a company has implemented a Direct Reimbursement plan, an employee visits the dentist of his or her choice, receives treatment and arranges for payment, and later presents a paid receipt or proof of treatment to the employer or administrator of the plan for reimbursement.

How is Direct Reimbursement different from other benefits options?

Unlike some forms of dental benefits, Direct Reimbursement allows patients to visit any dentist they choose. It frees patients to plan treatment with their dentists alone, with no third-party interference through exclusions or limitations on treatment. There are no predetermination or pre-authorization requirements, no Usual and Customary Fee Restrictions, and typically no deductibles.


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